How to take care of your Wordpress website


Just the way your machine needs to be taken care of, a WordPress website also needs constant care. Without constant care and maintenance, your WordPress too can start degrading and lead to permanent death.

In this post we will discuss some of the proven maintenance tips for your wordpress site.

Tip 1: Say no to shared hosting

If you are on a shared hosting then you should consider shifting to a vps or dedicated wordpress hosting. WordPress after some time starts projecting bad performance on shared hosting because of shared resources of the server.

If your website has started receiving 80-90 visitors/day then it is recommended to shift from your shared hosting. Choose a VPS for much more better performance and durability.


Tip 2: Database Cleanup

With time, unnecessary and junk values start to accumulate in the database. Because of these values, the server starts to perform slow and affect performance of the website. To cleanup database use WP-optimize plugin for wordpress.


Tip3: Filter out unused plugins and themes

We often have habit of deactivating the plugins which we do not need or will need later. Same thing is with themes, we try many themes and choose one theme in the end, leaving other themes deactivated.

It is not recommended to keep unused plugins and themes as they eat up extra space and database.

Plugins can be deactivated from the dashboard.

To deactivate, Goto wordpress dashboard, navigate to plugins, select the plugins which you want to delete, select delete from drop down menu and press Apply.

For themes, there is no option to delete them from dashboard. You have to delete them using FTP client or by using file manager from CPanel.

These are some things which you should keep in mind in order to maintain your WordPress website.


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