Difference Between Identity Access Management and Identity Governance

Surprising but true, Identity Access and Identity Governance overlap each other but in reality, they both are distinct. Both are the two aspects of IAM but concepts of both the phenomena are totally different. The article will explain how?

When it comes to performing access management and securing sensitive data and information, giving the right access to the right person is imperative. Access management is a process of managing users identities, tracks, and controls which users have the access to which systems and applications. The process of access management is more concerned with the assimilation of users and customers, creating profiles, and streamline the manual effort of managing, controlling and granting users the proper role and access.

The identity and access management systems rely on the framework of which users have which property access and how that is accomplished.

This is what exactly is identity access management which is somewhat different from Identity governance. In this phenomena, administrators are more concerned about providing users new roles and access and alerting security team about the fake attempts by unauthorized users if any happens.

The Identity governance relies on the policies to determine if the access to a resource updates for a particular user based on previous behavior and access.  When the update is deemed a risk, the updating policies can be put into an automated work flow so the administrator of the application sign off on the update.

If someone is trying to access the systems who is not authorized, the identity governance solution can flag the access as suspicious and notify about it to the system administrator.

The identity governance systems also help in automating the process of cleaning user access right by analyzing whether the users were granted the similar access in the past or not.

This is only the difference in the functioning of the two solutions but both are used to protect sensitive information and data from being access without permission and proper privileges. With both the solution in place, an organization’s data is on its way to being better secured from unauthorized access.


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