Benefits of Single Sign-On Solution

While the single sign-on solution has been around for some time now, it’s only gained popularity in the recent years. The solution allows users to gain access to all the web properties of a business using one set of credentials. So, the businesses with multiple web properties are implementing the solution alarmingly. It comes with numbers of benefits. In this article, I am going to mention some of the benefits of single sign-on (SSO) solution and why it is very popular among businesses?

Reduces password fatigue: Let’s admit the fact that, if you have five different passwords to manage for five systems, you are inclined to choose easy passwords. Or, worse, you use the same password for all the five systems. But with SSO solution, you need to remember only a password for your identity provider instead of remembering passwords for all the systems you want to connect. With one password to remember, you are more willing to create a one which is hard and more secure.

Boost productivity: Without SSO, users have to follow strict password policies and go through the list passwords and enter them manually. It costs them their time. If they enter them wrong, it takes things take even longer. Users can login and start work quickly when they use SSO.

Simplifies the password management process: This benefit is for IT administrators. If a user access multiple systems as part of his employment, and when he leaves the company, the IT department only needs to decommission his account on the identity provider. This revokes his access from all the service providers.

Improves users experience: SSO solution makes the user experience better by providing them the easiest and quickest way of authentication. Providing a simple authentication is very important because the login screen plays a vital role in boosting customer experience. It should be quick and easy.

Reduce support help desk cost: Calls related to password loss is one of the major problems facing by the businesses. To troubleshoot the issues, they set up a separate team of the help desk. If SSO is implemented on the systems, users have to remember only one password and it will definitely reduce the numbers of support calls related to password forgotten.

So, friends, these are some of the benefits of implementing SSO solution. If you have doubts or queries, please mention them in the comment box.


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