What are the factors that affect SEO of my WordPress website


SEO is a big thing now. A website cannot survive well on internet until and unless SEO practices is implemented on it.  On a WordPress website there are various plugins which offer SEO functionality. They help in determining most of the onpage SEO factors and implement them site-wide.

Some of the famous SEO plugins are Yoast SEO, All in one SEO pack and Ultimate SEO.

Just using a SEO plugin is not enough.  There are other factors which affect SEO on a WordPress website.

In this post we will discuss some of the factors which affect SEO on WordPress website.

Site speed: There are other factors which a SEO plugin cannot control. Site speed is one of them.  A seo plugin cannot determine website speed or fix it. There are several factors associated with site speed. Major factor being website server. If a server is of cheap grade, its performance will affect website performance.

Another factor is website theme. WordPress themes can be one of the culprit behind a slow website. A theme with heavy animations, css and external connections can slow down website.

Hosting heavy images, videos on server can also increase load on the server, causing website to slow down.

Nofollow tags: Internal nofollow tags can prevent link juice to flow internally from one page to another page. For example if you have internally linked a page and has been using a plugin to make links no-follow automatically, it  will stop you from internally flowing the juice.

Recently noopener and noreferrer tags have started to appear on links which open in a new tab. noopener and noreferrer tags in WordPress are no risk to SEO. These tags are added to improve wordpress user security.

These are some factors which affect SEO on a WordPress website. To continue discussion over this topic, kindly comment below.


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