Must know things about website designing


Web design industry is a booming industry with increasing influence. Today most of the  people who are interested in IT opt for webs design first before going into any other field of IT.

Web design itself is a vast field which has lots of fields to explore.

In this post I will explain some of the things which are necessary to know as a webs designer.


Color Combination: Color combination is most important. It is the key which will drive or reply repel your website visitors. Website can be designed using a single or dual or multiple color combinations but color compatibility will decide which colors compliment each other and soothes website visitor.

There are different color palettes available which are chosen according to usability and compatibility. So before starting to design a website, do check color platelets which are suitable to use on the website.  
Web design psychology: Web design psychology is one of the major factor which will help in increasing conversions and sales on a website. While designing a website or while redesigning, do consider psychological factors which can drive visitors to take an action.

There are some tips to use human psychology in web design like Hick’s Concept.  According to Hick’s concept, the time taken in making a decision is directly proportional to the options provided. So try to minimize the options to increase ctr on website.
Choose the right technology: In website designing there are many technologies on which you can create a website. Either you can choose to create a website using CMS or design it manually using HTML5 and Bootstrap or any other responsive framework.

These are some things which a web designer should know. I Hope you find it useful and will try to implement while you design websites. For any queries you can drop them in comments.



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