Lucrative tips to optimizing a wordpress website for mobile devices


Mobile optimization is necessary for every website today. The need of mobile optimization rise because of excessive use of mobile devices in daily life, which in return cause impact on websites.  Majority of people started using internet through mobile devices, which significantly affected engagement rate and bounce rates of the websites.


Today it is been said that responsive websites are the trend and having a responsive website is enough for website to survive in mobile dominated market.


This is partially true. Simply having a responsive website isn’t enough. The main thing associated with mobile is mobile traffic, which decides other metrics of the website.


In wordpress all the themes are responsive and no additional efforts is required to make them mobile compatible. Besides compatibility to mobile devices, there are certain factors and solutions for optimizing wordpress for mobile devices which ensure speed and positive user experience on mobile devices.


Tips are:


Mobile optimized images: Images are important for both the versions of the website.   The major concern is that in responsive wordpress theme, images are not compresses, they are resized and served on mobile devices.

When theme switch from desktop to mobile devices, most of the work is done by css in resizing components, squeezing content, replacing or removing content. Other than images, most of the content have different mobile elements which have less size compared to desktop version of the element.


Use optimize image resizing plugin for wordpress to resize images in different sizes to server well on mobile devices.


Use page speed checker: Page speed checker checks page speed for desktop as well as mobile versions. The major problem today everyone using mobile faces of less bandwidth. It is not feasible for everyone to have high speed internet connection on mobile. So checking speed on mobile is mandatory.


These are some lucrative tips to optimize wordpress website for mobile devices.


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