Biometrics Make Single Sign-On More Easy And Quick

Passwords, passwords and passwords, we all are under the world of passwords. Atm password, net banking password, email password, social media accounts passwords and lots more. We have to remember lots of passwords.

But with the invention of biometric login systems, you can throw a farewell party to the passwords. The biometric login system allows you to login to your computer systems and other resources with the touch of your finger, recognition your voice, scanning your eye retina etc. instead of typing passwords.

Biometric login is also known as passwordless login. The solution eases the whole process of authentication. It also saves users time.

Nowadays biometric solution comes with web single sign-on solution. Through this option, users can login to multiple applications of the same business by login once to any of the resources. That means you only need to provide your biometric identity once and get access to the other related applications.

Biometric single sign-on has some benefits:

It saves time: As I stated, once you are logged in to any of the resources that falls under the solution, you don’t need to login to other websites for the same session. This saves users time and effort of authentication.

It is secure: Traditional way of authentication requires passwords in order to get the access. Passwords are very easy to crack and guess. But unlike passwords, biometric login is almost impossible to crack, share or copy. The best part is you don’t need to reset your password in case it is stolen.

It improves productivity: Since the solution saves the time of login a website, you can spend more time on exploring the content. It will ultimately improve your productivity.

The combination of single sign-on solution and biometric system is one of the most secure ways of authentication. Businesses with multiple websites and applications are widely adopting the combination of two and improving their users experience.  




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