How to boost your under performing traffic of your website


Website is a necessity for everyone who want its online identity and use internet as a medium for sale, communication and utility.

To efficiently use website for different purposes, traffic is needed.

Traffic is basically of four types.

    1. Organic traffic: It is a type of traffic which is received from search engines. This type of traffic is considered as most important form of traffic; it is because this traffic is directly coming from search engines, and that’s a good thing.
    2. Direct Traffic: It is a type of traffic  which is received from those users who have directly reached to your site from browser address bar. This traffic is considered as an important metric while analyzing popularity of a website on internet.
    3. Referral Traffic: It is a type of traffic which is received from other sources like blogs, websites, posts, articles, news etc. Increase in referral traffic means more people know about your website and are talking about it.
    4. Social Traffic: It is a type of traffic which is received from social media platforms.


These four traffic types are responsible for growth of a website.

An underperforming traffic is a traffic which is not giving out desired results. For example a website has 1000 visits per day but the bounce rate is more than 60%, then that traffic can be called as underperforming traffic.

It is a common problem amongst many websites.

To get over underperforming traffic, there is a tip which we will help you boost your under performing traffic.

In order for traffic to perform, It is very essential to have relevance in our methods of attracting traffic. Most of the website owners use social media ads to increase awareness among others and attract traffic.

Social sharing buttons, tweet to unlock, social commenting are other some methods which help web owners get traffic. These methods will be efficient only if the right traffic is attracted.

Hence it is proved that right traffic is the solution to underperforming traffic.

Attracting right traffic will increase user engagement as well as help in getting right results.


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