Create Customer Persona by Creating Customer Profiling

Today companies are approaching customers directly to know their needs and demands. They are trying their best in getting the customer’s pulse. Marketers are using customer profiling method to classify the data that they got. Customer profiling is a method in which data is classified by keeping some factors into account. That is based on age, sex, demands, purchasing history etc. This helps businesses to make customer oriented policies. Customer registration is one of the best ways to get customers data. Online businesses are offering registration forms for this. Registration form is a nice way to collect information but asking too many questions in forms will definitely degrades users’ experience. So, businesses need to ask relevant questions only. Progressive profiling is one of the methods that will help businesses to gather data.

In this method, the length of registration form is kept short. We all hate forms that long because it waste our time. So, it is must for businesses to keep the registration form length short if they wish to improve conversion rate. At first, ask most appropriate questions such as name, email id and contact details. Once users are logged in and want to perform some specific tasks, ask remaining questions. This is a great way of collecting data without annoying users.

But collecting data alone is not enough, businesses need to use this data in a right manner. As I stated earlier, they need to profile customers’ data. User profiling helps businesses in many ways. Let’s see what it can do for them.

  • It helps them to know customers deeply.
  • If businesses know who are their customers, they can write content accordingly.
  • Marketers can make customer targeted policies.
  • Helps businesses to create unified personas.

This way profiling helps businesses to boost sales by generating more leads. So, businesses should always try to gather customer data and rely on customer profiling.


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