Why In-House IAM Platform is Not a Perfect Solution?

Driving and managing customers identities are one of the most common problems that businesses are facing today. With many techniques like social login, single sign-on, traditional forms, they are able to collect data but the real problem lies in managing it. Most of the companies are managing their customers data and credentials in-house rather than giving the project to outside vendors. It has its own merits. But the process has more demerits than merits. It may bring profits for short period but for long-term perspective, the process leads businesses into multiple issues. The article will explain what might go wrong if a business is dependent on in-house IAM resource.


  • Shortage of skilled workforce:


Businesses that depend on in-house identity management solutions are facing lots of problems in hiring the perfect talent for the post. The workforce is not prepared enough to handle big data, demands of future needs and technology etc. Handling data of thousands of people is not an easy job.


  • Not a secure approach:


From last few years, businesses have been under great pressure because of the huge surge in malware attacks, data thefts etc. It is almost impossible for them to control all these issues. Data breach is one of the most common problems nowadays in digital world. Even the giant search engine, “Yahoo” is not safe from the hackers. Last month over million accounts in Yahoo were hacked.


  • Lack of support while scaling business:


Businesses are continuously developing and scaling up. So, businesses also need to upgrade their in-house IAM platform. But this is not an easy job, it costs businesses lots of money and time as well. Additionally, there will be no support that help them out.

These are some of the problems associated with in-house IAM platform. Therefore, to save your business from such problems outsourcing Identity management solutions or IAM project is a better option.



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