Why You Need Web Single Sign-On for Your Websites?

As a business owner, I know you have lots of websites. And users need to authenticate each of your websites. Very time consuming, right? Users have to waste lots of their time in authentication process. Additionally, they need to create username and password for each of your website and above from all, they have to remember complex set of multiple credentials. In short, users have to carry an extra burden of problems while accessing your business websites.  Remembering passwords is a headache. Some people are using password managers to store all their credentials. But the problem with password manager is that if it gets hacked then all the credentials are exposed. Therefore, keeping dozens of passwords not only create problems for them but also to you. You have to manage lots of ID credentials, you need a separate team of IT, support help desk etc. For all, you have to burn your pocket. Save money by implementing web single sign-on solution. Now you are thinking what the solution is and how it will help you out?

Okay, let’s start with the concept of web single sign-on solution(WSSO).

Web single sign-on solution saves users from dozens of credentials by allowing them to access all the relevant websites of a business using one password. That means you with one password users gain access to connected systems of websites and services.

For example, when you logged in to Gmail you can access Youtube, Google map, and all other Google products are by default show you logged in without a need of login to each individually. Now, apply the same concept to your business applications and websites. You can make your users happy by providing them an easy approach to website authentication. Some of the advantages of single sign-on solution are listed below.


  • Goodbye to passwords:


As stated above, the solution saves users from creating passwords and usernames. This makes them remembering only one set of credentials. The solution removes the fear of passwords.


  • Improves user experience:


SSO solution improves users experience by making them free from passwords. Users can spend more time on your websites.


  • No need of support help desk:


Less passwords to remember means less numbers of support calls related to password loss. This can help your IT employees to concentrate on their core work instead of managing passwords.


  • Saves money:


With the solution, you don’t need to invest money on support help desk team. So, you can save your money and can invest that amount of money in implementing more technologies that improve users experience.

These are some of the benefits of implementing single sign-on solution for your business and for users. So, what are you thinking, get the solution if you really care for users.



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