Hiring Mistakes You Need to Avoid!

Hiring the perfect candidate is not an easy job. There is always a fear that whether the candidate that you are choosing fulfills all the demands for the post or not. I am an Hr recruiter of a well reputed IT company in Vancouver, BC.  Although I have recruited hundreds of newcomers but still honestly speaking, as an HR recruiter I always feel that fear. Earlier I used to lots of mistakes while hiring but I learned a lot from my experience. In this article, I would like to share some mistakes that I committed during earlier stages of my HR career and how I overcame them.

hiring candidates


Not updating career page of the website:

Updating website’s career page is very important. Whenever there is a vacancy in your company update your career page with a perfect job description that clearly explains about the job.

Mistake #2

Not using social media:

I was not aware about the power of social media. I only used social media for chatting with my friends and to upload my images. I had no idea how to use it for hiring candidates but then I read an article that was explaining how social media helps an HR team to hire their candidates. This inspired me to apply the same strategy for my company. I posted job vacancies on different social media platforms. Soon I got numbers of applications regarding for job. Out of all the social media platforms, LinkedIn worked great for me. You can also post your job openings on social media for better results.

Mistake #3

Not posting job on job offering websites:

That was one of the major mistakes that I did, I never posted job openings on any of the job posting websites. I relied on classified ads, I used to post our job vacancies on such classifieds pages. But I was wrong, I never got enough number of responses that I expected. Then I started to post jobs online on different job posting websites such as Monster jobs, Indeed jobs etc. I also listed my sites on jobs in Vancouver, BC. I was surprised when I saw the result, I got hundreds of job application on my email’s inbox. I learned from my mistake and started to post even a small opening in such websites.

I learned from the above-mentioned mistakes and right now I am getting a good amount of response for each jos that I have posted . If you also want the same, you also need to avoid the mistakes that I made and try all the mentioned ways.


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