Save Clicks And Time With Single Sign-On!

Time is very precious. And to manage time is one of the toughest jobs. Machines make our work easy and also saves our time. The invention of a computer is considered as one of the greatest inventions after wheel. It can sort out all difficult tasks within a second. Today, we all are dependent on computer. Businesses are also shifting to online now a days. People want everything at their doorstep. The craze of online shopping is increasing day by day. Therefore, to get a success it is very important for online businesses to deliver the best service to its users.

best online services

But the question is what are the factors to keep in mind while dealing with online user?. No doubt, time is an important factor. So as developer, you need to implement some technologies that save users time. Here I am going to explain about a technology that saves users time by reducing the count of mouse clicks.

Single Sign-On Solution:

How many websites do you have? May be two, three and more. Let’s suppose you have three websites for your online business and each of them needs to be signed in separately. That means users have to create three different credentials and more importantly, they have to remember that. They also need to waste their precious time while login to the websites. It is simply going to reduces their experience.  According to a survey, a user has an average of 27 discrete online logins.

Single sign-on solution is an alternative that saves users from the complex situation. It enables users to login all of your three websites using one username and password. In addition, a user does not needs to login to the websites again if he is already logged in to one of the related websites. What a great solution! Isn’t it? It not only saves users from remembering passwords but also saves their time. With just one click of the mouse, user can login to multiple websites of a business.

Customers are very precious for businesses and for them their time. Implementing single sign-on solution is an important step to reduce the number of clicks and saves users time.

Ps . I know, not at all relevant, but as a developer how do you increase clicks on your profile? Have you ever given personal branding a thought? If interested, do give this article on personal branding for developers a try!


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