Technology with benefits

Compared to last few years when some technologies were evolving and competing with each other, this year the saturation has reached for most of them. Here we will be discussing some of the technologies which have fought their way to reach at present level.

Cloud Technology: Since past 7 years we are constantly hearing about Cloud, whether it is Cloud Storage or Cloud based Solutions like SAAS, cIAM etc. It has revolutionised and impacted almost every field like Manufacturing, Data Storage, Media etc. Even the non-IT field is using cloud based services and products without even knowing, like Dropbox, CRM etc.

In The field of data management, cloud has proved its mark and is currently a benchmark for performance, scalability and speed. Cloud is considered as the fastest medium for communication and storage between devices and the control unit.

For businesses the Cloud Technology has impacted almost 90% of them. About ⅓ of the budget businesses spent is on cloud services. Almost every business use Cloud Data Storage for storing and accessing their data. Businesses who have adopted for Customer Identity and Access  Management solutions, it’s must for them to use cloud storage for storing and maintaining their customer’s data.

Automation: Automation has indeed affected manufacturing and processing for industries. Processes have become faster and stable because of automation. Chances of errors have decreased a lot, compared to human errors while controlling and managing processes.

In the field of IT, automation has simplified many processes on hardware level.

In the field of software, nowadays we can see automated bots replying to our queries and the best example to it is Apple’s Siri. She answers almost to every query of yours, and perform tasks if asked to, like making a call, booking tickets to nearest theater, ordering groceries when your grocery managing app warns you of groceries getting exhausted.

Bots for managing orders via social media have also been developed so as to directly take customer’s order and execute them.



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