Facebook forever or not. Managing your account after you die


Do you ever wonder what happens to your social media accounts, including Linkdn, Facebook, and banking, etc? For the most part, these end up in legal battles for your heirs (if they even know they exist). However, Facebook has just announced that it is going to make it easier for users to “plan their online afterlife” by allowing them to select a “legacy contract” to post on their pages after they die in order to update their photos and profiles, as well as to respond to any potential friends requests. In addition, users will not be able to have their accounts deleted after they die, something previously unavailable.

Users who now wish to designate someone to manage the account post-mortem need to click on the topside down triangle on the top right corner of their page and open where it says settings to find “security.” Note, users in the US have the option of either permanently deleting their account when they die, or selecting a legacy contact. Note the legacy contact must be a Facebook user. It should also be known that they will not be contacted regarding your choice until your Facebook account is “memorialized” after you die. You can also give permission for your representative to download and archive your photos, profile info. and posts, although they will not be allowed access to your private messages. They will, however, not be able to sign in as you, and will only be able to access the account using their own Facebook login.

Note: Facebook also stated that it will send users annual reminders to remind users who they have delegated as their legacy counsel and allow them to make changes if they want.



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