Why Ask Why In Your Marketing?

marketing plan

So what?! I should hope so! Why are you doing this?

These three questions are what go through the minds of your prospects every time they see a promotion from you.

Can you answer those 3 questions?  If you can, excellent – you are probably doing very well in your marketing. If not, let’s look at this in detail.

Q – So what?!

A – Your prospects are getting hammered with advertising and marketing messages on a daily basis.  So, why should they take their valuable time to read yet another (yours)? Every claim you make, every mention of a feature or a benefit has to pass the SO WHAT test. If you aren’t answering that – you are going to lose them.

Q – I should hope so!

A – Don’t be the company that claims “Best Service and On Time Delivery” statement like that.  In this day and age – if you aren’t providing good service, delivery and giving free quotes – you’re toast.  It is expected now – and it is NOT a competitive advantage.

Read the yellow pages in you business-  Is every one of them the same?  Be different and offer something different.  You want them to say “WOW, I  didn’t expect that!” – instead of that you make them to say you are now different – very different.

Q – Why are you doing this?

A – The reason why is probably the most powerful thing you can address in your marketing. Tell them why you are in business, why you sell what you sell, why you are different , why you are marketing to them, why you are offering them a discount, why they should buy now.

Give them a solid reason why they should do business with you – and they will.


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